The cost of hiring our facilities are as follows:

Venue Price
Banqueting Hall with in-house Catering (>80 people) Free hall 5% discount on Dinners
Banqueting Hall with in-house Catering (<80 people) £50  
Banqueting Hall only (Evenings) £150  
Banqueting Hall only (Daytime 9am-3pm) £75  
Banqueting Hall Hire for Sections/Internal Clubs £50
Meeting Room Hire for Sections/Internal Clubs Free

All Prices include VAT (20%).
Prices are reviewed periodically and are subject to change.

Terms and Conditions of Hire

  • Bookings from an under 30 year-old will require £250 deposit, otherwise £100 deposit is required.
  • We do not accept bookings for Childrens’ parties.
  • No Food or Drink to be brought onto premises
  • Door management must be employed (The Tilbury Community Association can advise on this)
  • Anyone under I8 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Hall bookings may only be made in the Office (open office hours).
  • Tickets must be sold at least 24 hours beforehand. No money or tickets on the door.
  • Any equipment broken or drinks found to be brought onto the premises will be added to the cost.